There are a number of MS Exchange archive and back up systems on the market which take the current contents of the MS Exchange Server and save the data from time to time.

The essential weakness of many of these is that they do not include much of the commercially significant data that employees have chosen to delete or change.

Exchange Vault (AXLR8’s Email Archiver system) allows authorised users to search by clients and staff and to bring back all mails – regardless of whether they were cleared out or deleted.

The Exchange Vault uses AXLR8’s powerful MessageStore server complex to store all e-mails sent to, from and within an organisation and index them for practical retrieval through a web interface. They can be retrieved by client, staff member or, if implemented, by conversation and job references.

The system is based upon AXLR8’s FastTrackCRM system (a fully functional Customer Relationship Management system) and allows the clients to be profiled as well as searched through and allows for historical notes and other information and files to be attached to client records.