About AXLR8

AXLR8 was founded in 1993 and produced the internal CRM for one client for the first 6 years. The client became a very successful sales and service company as a result. They used the system to help acquire and keep 300 of the Times Top 1000 companies as clients and many public sector organisations. When the company was sold in 1998, the money raised was reinvested by the shareholders in developing and marketing the FastTrack CRM system that had been so successful at building that business.

We have the following strengths:

  • Thorough understanding of business processes in many spheres in both the private and public sector
  • Ability to automate business improvement processes through leading edge database driven applications
  • User interface development skills on the web, handheld devices, telephone systems (CTI) and a variety of proprietary (e.g. MS and Oracle) and open source platforms.
  • Financial stability and independence
  • Low risk portfolio of satisfied clients in more than a dozen different marketplaces giving us an ability to ride a down cycle in any individual sector(s).
  • A portfolio of applications based around our FastTrack CRM that gives us access to market applications as far apart as information management in the public sector, timesheets and expenses in the professional services companies and brokerage applications for financial sector.