Cost effective

You must archive so the system spreads and reduces your costs.

Regulatory, compliance and legal protection

You could keep out of trouble (and could avoid the clink!)

Secure Email Archiving

This means you get access to emails you might otherwise lose – just when you need them for that important client relationship.

Comprehensive E-Discovery

Knowledgebase saves time solving problems – a major valuable company asset

E-mail Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Get access to e-mails securely on the web, even when your internal systems are down.

Continuity facility

You can access your systems, even in the event of a disaster at you premises, or just during an office move!

Experienced support team

You will be looked after as technology and business changes.

Internal Policy Compliance

Facilitation for many quality control systems

Automatic archiving

Knowledge is accumulated within the organisation at no cost. It is searchable later.

Find information that is mislaid or even deleted

Sometimes finding an email can save a client relationship or avoid an otherwise costly mistake

Reduces time to respond to service/disclosure and other requests

Reduces staff time and costs of information gathering responding to requests and solving problems. Leverage the previous occasions similar requests have been answered.

Links to CRM allow quick access to all email about a client, contact, job.

Saves valuable executive time trawling through information.

Powerful, fast search capabilities

You don’t waste valuable time searching for an e-mail.